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Company registration with a non-Lithuanian name

Company registration with a non-Lithuanian nameĮmonės steigimas nelietuvišku pavadinimu | LC paslaugų centras

Registering companies with non-Lithuanian names has been significantly limited as of May 2013. Currently, in case you want a non-Lithuanian name for your company, you need to seek names in the Latin language (Latin names are allowed according to the Lithuanian Language Commission) or to try to evade these archaic regulations through the use of known legal loopholes. LC Paslaugu Centras can help you with all of these registration issues.

The possibility to register a foreign company name with the help of a notary has been in use since the law allowed to skip temporary name registration and register the company directly through a notary office. This possibility has been limited by the Chamber of Notaries through their additional internal recommendations to require temporary name registration prior to registering a legal entity. Therefore we offer A DIFFERENT AND MUCH EASIER WAY FOR OUR CLIENTS to register a company with a non-Lithuanian name.

If you need a company name which is non-Lithuanian, feel free to contact us. We guarantee the best solution for you to have a company name you desire.