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UAB for sale

  1. An UAB company purchase is the most appropriate decision in order to start your business as fast as possible. We sell fresh UAB enterprises ‘off the shelf’, which did not take part in any economic activities. All of them come with a bank account, registration address and all the other necessary documents. The authorized capital of UAB enterprises is €2,500 or €1,000. We provide all of the documents proving that the company is absolutely new and has no debts or other liabilities.

We can also register a UAB company with your name in two or three days!

Currently sold UAB enterprises:

UAB pardavimas | LC paslaugų centras

  • UAB “Adikra” (į.k. 306311840, įst. 2023-05-05) (Authorized capital: 1000)
  • UAB “Amatana” (į.k. 306272056, įst. 2023-03-15) reserved
  • UAB “Anabet” (į.k. 306316855, įst. 2023-05-12) (Authorized capital: 1000)
  • UAB ARLIET (į.k. 306289269, įst. 2023-04-04)
  • UAB “Baltopa” (į.k. 306321795, įst. 2023-05-18) (Authorized capital: 1000)
  • UAB “Bexile” (į.k. 306235378, įst. 2023-01-31)
  • UAB “Erlexa” (į.k. 306311737, įst. 2023-05-05) (Authorized capital: 1000)
  • UAB “Ersit” (į.k. 306310902, įst. 2023-05-04)
  • UAB “Froleo” (į.k. 306238456, įst. 2023-02-02)
  • UAB “Galdita” (į.k. 306264508, įst. 2023-03-03)
  • UAB “Gitersa” (į.k. 306311438, įst 2023-05-05) (Authorized capital: 1000)
  • UAB “Hodeo” (į.k. 306270219, įst. 2023-03-09)
  • UAB “Ingon” (į.k. 306324108, įst. 2023-05-23) (Authorized capital: 1000)
  • UAB “Jodeo” (į.k. 306267098, įst. 2023-03-06)
  • UAB “Lersan” (į.k. 306311712, įst 2023-05-05) (Authorized capital: 1000)
  • UAB “Lezal” (į.k. 306302688, įst. 2023-04-19)
  • UAB “Moirita” (į.k. 306238399, įst. 2023-02-02)
  • UAB “Nefar” (į.k. 306288174, įst. 2023-04-03)
  • UAB “Odoma” (į.k. 306324115, įst. 2023-05-23) (Authorized capital: 1000)
  • UAB “Penata” (į.k. 306247081, įst 2023-02-14)
  • UAB “Rambia” (į.k. 306241819, įst. 2023-02-07)
  • UAB “Saitena” (į.k. 306323860, įst. 2023-05-23) (Authorized capital: 1000) reserved
  • UAB “Tribita” (į.k. 306311267, įst 2023-05-03)

Companies who currently are being established:

All you need to do is contact us and agree on the date when you will receive and sign certain documents and provide information to prepare the sale of the enterprise. Purchasing a UAB will let you instantly start your business since you will have all of the neecessary company documents and a company seal.

UAB sales are registered at a notary bureau and the Registry Center. The new head of the company will have to present all the necessary JAR (Legal person’s registry) forms and other documents needed to change the head of the company, which we will gladly prepare for you.


UAB enterprises sold with our names: 350

Alternatively, we can register and sell you a company with your chosen name. In this case the price stays the same: 350

A transaction approval (required by the notary) fee costs from €70

A UAB enterprise sale agreement needs a professional licensed translator who will translate the agreement prepared by the notary and familiarise you with all the necessary documents. Translator fees start from 20.