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Bookkeeping services in hands of professionals!

Bookkeeping is an integral part of corporate activity. Records on every action of the company (sale, purchase, bank transfer, calculation of salary, etc.) are made in bookkeeping documents, are systematized and prepared under a procedure acceptable to public authorities.

Only highly skilled professional can keep records and accounts in a proper way. Regularity of financial and accounting documents and even cost savings for your business (especially those relating to taxes) depend on competence of such professional. Naturally, services of a highly skilled professional are subject to appropriate remuneration. Small companies or newly started companies find it difficult to bear such costs. Hiring a company that provides bookkeeping services is the most appropriate solution in such situation.

We keep records and accounts of companies and perform other works work your business:

  • We keep full records and accounts of the company: from entry of initial documents to preparation of financial statements;
  • We perform staff salary and other works of personnel accounting;
  • We mediate in relations with public authorities;
  • We submit necessary declarations and statements on your behalf to State Tax Inspectorate, State Social Insurance Fund Board, Centre of Registers and other public authorities;
  • We prepare Powers of Attorney (both written and electronic) and orders of the company that are necessary for keeping records and accounts;
  • Etc.

We specialize not only in bookkeeping but also in provision of legal services. Therefore, we can help perform appropriate operations or actions necessary for bookkeeping and finance management of your company by assessing the situation both from accounting and legal point of view.

CONTACT US and we will deliver a proposal of bookkeeping services specially adapted for your company.

The price of bookkeeping services for your company starts from 150 € per month (these services are subject to an advance payment with a size of two months).